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About Us

KanDi Jewelry was founded on the concept of fashion, fun, and candy.  We create candy inspired products specially designed for girls, tweens, and teens.  From candy necklaces to gummy bears and jawbreakers, each piece in our collection is fun, colorful and irresistible. The jewelry is NOT edible but it looks like it is! KanDi Jewelry is available in boutiques, gift shops, and candy stores throughout the USA and Canada.  To find a retailer near you click here. 

The Story

Once upon a time it was okay to eat candy necklaces and lick sticky ring pops. But unfortunately when you hit a certain age, sucking on jewelry is just not cool anymore. A couple years ago candy fiend and then fashion student, Dani Kates decided it was time to bring back candy necklaces for herself and for all the little girls who had grown up but never outgrown their love for candy.

With a dream, some brightly colored beads and little diamond charms, KanDi Jewelry was officially created.The original diamond KanDi necklace became such a hit that Mischa Barton, Fergie, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, and Hayden Panettiere have been seen wearing KanDi, not only in US Magazines but in the UK and Germany as well. Years later, KanDi Jewelry has expanded to include a full range of candy-inspired jewelry and accessories at an affordable price point so girls of all ages can enjoy it!