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Junk Food Coloring Book: 24 Page Coloring Book

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    Product Description : From the Author I'm a complete junk food fanatic.  I couldn't wait to start illustrating this book and I had SO much fun doing it!  My favorite pages are the hot dog with the dog in a hot dog costume and the strawberry milkshakes with cows balancing strawberries on their heads! I absolutely loved every minute of designing this coloring book and I hope you love coloring it just as much! It's always great to hear from you as the "colorer" about what your favorite pages are and to see how you bring my illustrations to life, so please color your favorite page and share it with me in your review! Read more About the Author Dani Kates, is a New York based illustrator and designer. Her talents for art & design together with her passion for color and playfully silly personality all contribute to her success as both an illustrator and as a designer. Long before adult-coloring books were introduced to the world, Dani was turning store-bought children's coloring books into adult-coloring books for her own enjoyment. She would buy a simple coloring book and fill the pages with fine lines and details with a thin black marker. A plain dress would become intricately patterned and adorned with ruffles and buttons before it was ready to be colored and a puppy's fur would be filled bows and stripes. After some 15 years of doing this to every coloring book she bought for herself, she decided to start creating her own coloring books that other people could enjoy too!The moment you open any Dani Kates coloring book, you can immediately see the incredible attention to detail and effort that she puts into each page she designs and you can feel the energy and passion that she puts into her work. Dani has designed and created artwork for Girl Scouts, Tootsie Roll, Nestle, and It'Sugar, as well as for KanDi Jewelry, her own line of candy-themed accessories for girls.  Read more

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